Not so Fresh Redesign Contest

Grad eben eben in meinen Referrern gefunden: WordPress blog redesign. Der Autor des Blogs Daily Blog Tips findet „mein“ Theme (Not so) Fresh offenbar recht schick und möchte dieses gern für sein Blog verwenden. Allerdings mit diversen Modifikationen, für die er einen Design Contest ins Leben ruft:

I want to give a unique look to my blog ( The current WordPress theme („Not so Fresh“) is fine, I just want the header of the blog redesigned.

The color scheme can be changed (apart from the white background for the content), and feel free to play with the navigation bar also. I would also like to move the search box from the nav bar to the header.

The deliverable would be another WordPress theme package (you can download the „Not so Fresh“ theme and make the changes there, which are basically CSS).

Let me know if there is anything not clear.

Falls also jemand Spaß daran haben sollte, macht mal. Bin neugierig auf die Ergebnisse…

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  • I would like to apply, can you translate the requirements and rules in english so I can completly follow them, thanks 🙂

  • @dandyna: Just click the first Link in this entry named „WordPress blog redesign“. There are the rules. The contest is NOT started by me, it’s a contest by Daily Blog Tips.

  • Xsized, the contest was placed on Basically I wanted a new header for the Not So Fresh Theme. It ended a couple of months ago though.

    I used that theme for 4 months, and then I hired a professional designer to completely redesign the site. was the designer.


  • ooops, the name of the designer is Brian Gardner, it was an hyperlink so it was eaten.